Curriculum Vitae

Raphaël Moreira Gonçalves

Filmmaker / Visual artist

Born in Lyon/FR in 1988 

Works and lives


2013-2015 : Postgraduate studies at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains

2012 : DNSEP (Visual Arts Advanced Diploma) with jury's congratulations at ENSBA de Lyon

2010 : DNAP (Visual Arts National Diploma) at ENSBA de Lyon


2018-14s versus fantômes, in Hyperreal, curated by Kim Doan Quoc, Lightyear, Brooklyn - New York, USA

2018-Rouge Ultra, in Fiction 3D, curated by Mo Gourmelon,

2018- Video selection, in C'était mieux Demain #4, curated by Katia Lecomte Mirsky, L'oiseau Bleu, Brussels, Belgium

2018- Bulkyri, invited by Gaelle Choisne in her show "HYBRIS", galerie Untilthen, Paris

2018- al_dente3088 & Wave and Shell (version2) & T.T.T.F.I.L.A.A.C.M. , in La Zone, curated by LVC & Patrice Goasduff, Espace le carré, Lille, France

2018- Doxxing Tulpa & FOMOOO, in Inspiration-Transpiration, curated by Le Syndicat Magnifique, MAC Creteil, Paris

2017- Wave and Shell (version 2), in Sunday Scaries, curated by Le Syndicat Magnifique, Galerie 22,48m2, Paris

2017- Ocean Games, Emmanuel & Bulkyri, in Electric Night Vol.19, curated by Frédéric Weigel, Palais des Paris, Takasaki, Japan

2017- Lasciatemi Cantare, Jeune Création 67, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Pantin, Paris

2017- The Terminator that fell in love at a Coltan Megaparty, Chercher le réseau, curated by Noé Grenier and Paul Heintz, Garage Mu, Paris

2017- 14s, Spamm Power, curated by Ellectra Radikal & Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime, online

2017- Sfumato Memories (Pattern version), Mapping Studio, Biennale off de Rennes, Vivarium, France

2016- The Terminator that fell in love at a Coltan Megaparty, "UJDC#4", curated by Hugo Arcier and François Ronsiaux, Galerie Plateforme, Paris

2016- 14 secondes versus fantômes, "Inner Earth" / Champs Libres, curated by Le Syndicat Magnifique, Paris, France

2016- Natural Wanderer, "Babel" (collaboration and invitation at Pilotenkueche _ Romain Pottier), Spinnereirundgang Spring 2016, Leipzig, Germany

2016- Saltwater, Sfumato Memories and Sfumato.jpg, « Bricks&Clicks », Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris, France

2016- Bulkyri, Erratum Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2015- Bulkyri, « UCN et MOSA », Urban Colors Nation, Brussels, Belgium

2015- Rouge Ultra, « Panorama17 - Techniquement douce », Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France

2015- Saphirs, Festival Côté Court – Official competition, Pantin (Paris)

2014- Saphirs, « Panorama16 – Solus Locus », Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France

2013- Ocean Games, « Fête le mur 2 / Art video », La Palette, Paris

2013- Climaxia and Tropical, 58th Salon de Montrouge, Paris, France

2012- Chemin de nuit, exhibition for the 'Prix Linossier', ENSBA Lyon, France

2012- Climaxia, exhibition for the 'Prix de Paris', ENSBA Lyon, France

2012- Fleur Bleue, « I want to believe » at Le Lieues, Lyon, France


2017- And see the land where corals lie, Clearview, London

2017- Forbidden Creatures, Scenography by Mamali Shafahi, Mohsen Gallery / Darbast platform, Tehran, Iran


2018- Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

2017- Aide Individuelle à la Création, DRAC Hauts-de-France

2017- Clearview, London

2017- Kooshk Residency, Tehran, Iran

2016- Pilotenkueche, Leipzig, Germany (Invited by Romain Pottier)


2017- "Talk" in Tehran at Mohsen Gallery about bodies, magic, and sacred in the digital age, with Mamali Shafahi (artist) and Amin Moghadam (searcher)

2017-Research and experiments with arduino

2016- Research and experiments on augmented reality, collaboration with Augment

2015- Director (Shooting with BlackMagic 4K), writer, co-cinematographer/DP, editor, original music/composer, and co-animator for the film Rouge Ultra.

2014- Exploration of the Deep Web for the writing of my film Rouge Ultra

2014- Director (Shooting with Red Epic), writer, editor (with the assistance of Jean-Claude Brisseau / director), and original music/composer for the film Saphirs.

2014- Research on making crystals for the realization of my film Saphirs

2013- Research on datamoshing

2013- Research on multiscreen, for the piece Tropical

2012- Research on the deterioration of the video image that has been filmed and re-filmed several times, for the piece « sans-titre » (dying insect)

2012- Finalizing the essay/manifesto Logique de l'obscurité

2012- Research on the reaction of video projections on mirrors (realization of the piece Balise)

2012- Research on the obstinacy of the video sensor of my camera (realization of the piece Machine Tournante)

2011- Director (shooting with Canon 5D), writer, cinematographer/DP, editor, and original music/composer for the film Ocean Games. With the assistance of Fred Kelemen (director, cinematographer)

2011- Writing of the essay/manifesto Logique de l'obscurité

2011- Assistant for Gerald Petit and Laurent Montaron (artists) for the shoot of 'a conversation piece' with Shawn Lee (composer/musician).

2010- Beginning of searches and writing of the essay/manifesto Logique de l'obscurité

2010- Workshop cinematic writing with Fred Kelemen (director and chief cameraman of Béla Tarr)

2010- Workshop Filming with Jean-René Lorand (director of the photography)

2010- Workshop with Gérald Petit (artist), shooting, editing.

2010- Workshop with Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet (artists), Histoire, archéologie et fiction

2009- Workshop with Miquel Mont (artist), L'empreinte du corps. Realization of the piece Sifflement

2009- Workshop with Michel Giroud (artist), Laboratoires des avant-gardes

2009- Research on a pictural adaptation of Les trois Gnossiennes from Erik Satie.

(Performance sans titre adaptation des trois gnossiennes d'Érik Satie en peinture)

2008- Workshop with Christine Lapostolle (poet), Initiation à l'écriture de formes poétiques

2008- Photographic searches on the long exposure in night-environments. Realization of the piece Holy Wood

2008- Writing of the essay Funambulisme, on the notion of suspended time through the work of Charlemagne Palestine, Caspar David Friedrich, the short story First Sorrow by Franz Kafka, Paranoid Park by Gus Van Sant, and 2001 by Stanley Kubrick.


2016- Ouch, 5'

2015- Bulkyri, 20'

2015- Rouge Ultra, 19' , Production Le Fresnoy - Studio national

2014- Saphirs, 20' , Production Le Fresnoy - Studio national

2011- Ocean Games, 16'

2011- Fleur Bleue, 12'

2010- Marius, 6'

2010- La rivière verte (ou l'image vraie de Mathieu Absang), 3'30

2009- Les murs et les poudres, 6'30

2009- Emmanuel, 1'40

2009- Octopus, 6'40


-Film editing / Sound editing

-3D modeling / animation


-Sound recording

-Music composition